Assign 2

DUE Sept 30 NOON

Dance Animation

You’ll be given a song…with distinct beats You’ll animate 3 distinct dance loops with your character. 9 beats total.  So one loop must have at least 3 beats, transition,the next loop 3 beats,transition,then final loop of 3 beats.Focus on the hips!  You must have a convincing and rhythmic up and down.Read 269 to 272 of the Animator’s survival kit.

GRADS: 9 Beats



Points break down: total 15.

  • Vimeo/Youtube Link
  • Animate/Flash File
  • 1280 x 720, Under 20mgs H264
  • 15 or 30 fps



Rhythm/Timing: 3 Is your hips moving to the beat!

Poses/Spacing: 3 Good weight, in-betweens spaced appropriately in relation to the key poses.

Character: 4 Does your character’s poses have attitude or empathy?  Are you sincere with this action or are you faking it?  

Critique Contributions: 3 Peer reviews and Incorporation of feedback. Have you refined your animation on regular basis each class time?

Video Demonstration: 2 Live Action performance and research