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Tuesday/Thursdays 2pm to 4:45pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 988 0407 2165
Passcode: 824896

  • Skype Address: daviddonar
  • e-mail: ddonar@clemson.edu
  • One on One Sign up sessions: Google doc

Create WordPress.com account with your full name.

Setup Clemson Box Folder: 2DAnimation https://clemson.app.box.com/folder/6043490033

WORK UPLOAD: https://clemson.box.com/s/7gv9z959qn3mafqah6855e7sbwfgomp9

Course Materials: https://clemson.box.com/s/n6l9s5smp7rpxyvdwdxjvkft79g7wq06

Critique Folder: https://clemson.app.box.com/folder/143480812101

Materials: Laptop, Wacom Tablet (suggested)/Scanner

Context of course:

Animation Genre: Character, Abstraction, Music, Dance.

Animation Style: Classical, Motion Graphic, Cutout.

Techniques: Squash/Stretch, Animation Arcs, Force, Timing, Spacing, Conflict/Resolution Pan/Zoom, Transitions, Visual Arcs.

Software: Adobe After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Premiere. (Video tutorials will be online)

Suggested TEXTBOOK: The Animator’s Survival Kit, Richard Williams. The Illusion of Life, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston



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