Romantic and Classical Music

Romanticism and Classicism are two distinct eras that encompass the Arts, Philosophy, Politics etc.

After listening to Beethoven and Mozart’s symphonic examples, post two examples of music that you listen today.

  • One style that is in the spirit of Classical: Calm, Rational, Balanced.
  • One style that is in the spirit of Romanticism: Emotional, Irrational, Asymmetrical.

Your choices can be contemporary music…i.e. Rap, Dance, Country, Jazz etc.  Just be prepared to explain how that example connects to the appropriate category (Classical or Romanticism)

Please post your links before our next class, Tuesday.

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9 Responses to Romantic and Classical Music

  1. erentelime says:

    Classical: I chose Mother by Pink Floyd

    Romanticism: I chose Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

  2. antoinettebrennan says:

    Ok, slightly worried I did not do these right but, here we go.

    So I picked Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 for my classical song, mainly because of how calming the song is to me. I am not sure about rationality or balance, so just kinda went with a song that I personally find really calming and just focused on that (Please correct me if this doesn’t fall under the classical category).

    For romanticism, I picked Beggin’ by Maneskin, due to its changing tempo and the way the music is able to highlight the desperation and anxiety in its fast-paced rhythm (also because a lot of the other songs I thought of had a lot of curse words and that doesn’t feel very appropriate for class).

  3. oliviafelber says:

    Soldier, Poet, King:

    – Controlled, cheerful
    – Tells a story without being too emotionally charged.

    Danse Macabre:

    – Rearranged and performed by the Oh Hellos
    – Originally written in 1874 by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns (original is ~7 min long).
    – He truly was a romantic era pianist, so this may not technically count for the assignment.
    – Dramatic and foreboding, tells an old French myth about Death


    By Arcadian Wild
    Somewhat minor and dissonant
    Definitely emotional

  4. Mohammad Saffar says:

    spirit of Romanticism sample music :

    spirit of Classical sample music: Yanni

  5. Carrie Bull says:

    I feel like a good example of modern music that fits with calm, rational classical music is basically any of the lo-fi songs that people make as study music.

    An example of emotional, irrational romantic music I think is most ska music. Here’s an example:

  6. rossbullock4892 says:



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