Week 7 Crit

We will have a critique TUESDAY Sept 28th.

I will ask each of you to upload a movie file (.mov or .mp4) into this respective folder by the end of class THURSDAY Sept 23th (worth 1pt towards participation)


Name your movie file: LastnameAssign2Crit.mov (mp4)

MONDAY Sept 28th  NOON (worth 1pt towards participation), everyone should make a comment on every student’s animation.  You can refer to one or more of these rubric criteria…

Rhythm/Timing:  Does the hip move to the beat.

Poses/Spacing: Good weight, in-betweens spaced appropriately in relation to the key poses.

Character: Does your character’s poses have attitude or empathy?  Are you sincere with this action or are you faking it?

TUESDAY the 28th, we will go over your work and see what input helps you the most.

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