Welcome to 2D animation

Animation has been around for less than a century but has evolved into a dynamic art form with numerous directions of genres, styles and techniques. We will discuss and explore pioneers of the medium as well as current trends of 2D animation. Students will develop designs based on the studies of these particular styles of animation to create unique and individual film projects.

This course will introduce several 2D Digital animation techniques through various mediums including fine art, graphic art/design, and character animation. Students will develop animation with experimental and traditional animation methods into short animation projects.

By the end of this course the student will have an understanding of career possibilities in Animation.   Students may further explore and refine a particular style or animation approach.  Animation is a long journey and this course is to open up paths for students willing to take the next step.

Context of course:

Animation Genre: Character, Abstraction, Music, Dance.

Animation Style: Classical, Motion Graphic, Cutout.

Techniques: Squash/Stretch, Animation Arcs, Force, Timing, Spacing, Conflict/Resolution Pan/Zoom, Transitions, Visual Arcs.

Software: Adobe After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Premiere. (Video tutorials will be online)

Suggested TEXTBOOK: The Animator’s Survival Kit, Richard Williams. The Illusion of Life, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston


  • Online Learning, Zoom, Skype.
  • Calendar, Course Outline
  • Create WordPress.com account with your full name.
  • Materials: Laptop, Wacom Tablet (suggested)/Scanner
  • Setup Clemson Box Folder:2DAnimation, Critique Folder
  • Show Flash work, QA
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